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2019 Partnership Bursaries Subsidised boarding places exclusively for local authorities

 10 years of boarding school outcomes in Norfolk

Welcome to Boarding School Partnerships

Lord Agnew

Under Secretary of State for Schools, England 


Welcome to Boarding School Partnerships, a new information service designed to make it easier for you to access information and expertise about boarding school placements for vulnerable young people.

For the past 40 years or so, a group of children’s charities has built up considerable expertise in supporting vulnerable children and young people at state and independent boarding schools throughout the UK.

These young people are seen to have benefited from the structure, sense of community, pastoral care and individual attention that many boarding schools can offer. Many of the outcomes have been very impressive and show that, after a short period of settling down, these young people thrive at boarding school and make the most of their opportunity to transform their lives and prospects.

Click here to watch Lord Agnew's keynote speech to the 2018 Norfolk Boarding School Partnerships conference in London


Kirsty Williams AC/AM

Cabinet Secretary for Education,

On behalf of the Welsh Government, I am pleased to welcome the launch of Boarding School Partnerships. This new service offers expertise, resources and support for those considering boarding school placements for vulnerable young people.

The service is intended to give commissioning teams in local authorities and other children’s organisations the resources they need to be able to assess the suitability – and availability - of boarding school placements for young people in and on the edge of their care.



Kirsty Williams AC/AM

Education Minister

Ar ran Llywodraeth Cymru, rwy’n falch o groesawu lansiad Partneriaethau Ysgolion Preswyl. Bydd y gwasanaeth newydd hwn yn cynnig arbenigedd, adnoddau a chymorth i’r rhai hynny sy’n ystyried lleoli pobl ifanc agored i niwed mewn ysgolion preswyl.

Diben y gwasanaeth yw sicrhau bod gan dimau comisiynu mewn awdurdodau lleol a sefydliadau eraill i blant yr adnoddau y mae arnynt eu hangen i allu asesu addasrwydd – ac argaeledd – lleoliadau ysgolion preswyl ar gyfer pobl ifanc sydd yn eu gofal ac ar ymylon eu gofal.

Mae’r safle hwn yn gydweithrediad rhwng yr elusennau a’r ysgolion preswyl ymroddedig sydd, yn ystod y 30 mlynedd diwethaf, wedi cynorthwyo mwy na 3,000 o blant a phobl ifanc agored i niwed yng Nghymru a’r Deyrnas Unedig.

Darllen mwy...

Colin Morrison

Boarding School Partnerships

Sixty long years ago, as the youngest son of an impoverished single-parent mother,  I was a funded at boarding school by Essex County Council. I was just six years of age.  But the following 12 years at boarding school quite simply changed my life and I owe everything to the structure, security and community it provided. 

That is why I was so proud – three decades after I left school  - to become chair of the Royal National Children’s Foundation (RNCF) for 15 years during which we co-funded, with schools and other charities, more than 1,000 vulnerable young people at state and independent boarding schools throughout the UK. We also launched RNCF's Assisted Boarding Network, an earlier initiative in which boarding school charities have offered support to local authorities.



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