About Boarding
School Partnerships

Boarding School Partnerships is a collaboration of the Department for Education, the Welsh Government, educational charities and boarding schools throughout the UK

Partner organisations

Advisory Board

Boarding School Partnerships is funded by the Department for Education. It is managed by a voluntary Advisory Board of professionals from across education, local authorities, professional associations, charities and government:


We encourage you to establish relationships with boarding schools in your region and also with our partner charities which have substantial experience in identifying, evaluating and funding boarding placements. You may find the following email links useful:

Boarding Schools' Association

Buttle UK

Department for Education

Reedham Children's Trust

Royal National Children's SpringBoard Foundation

Boarding School Partnerships, 60 St Martin’s Lane, Covent Garden, London WC2N 4JS. Tel: 020 7798 1580 www.boardingschoolpartnerships.org.uk

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