Buttle UK

Buttle UK is named after Frank Buttle, a remarkable man whose hard work and personal sacrifice helped to establish our grant programmes, which have been helping children and young people in need across the UK since 1953.

For over 50 years, Buttle UK has funded boarding school places for vulnerable children.  Some families face serious issues, where parents or carers are struggling to cope and which mean that the child may be at risk of going into care. We believe strongly that boarding can offer an environment where some of these children can flourish. 

Buttle is currently supporting some 191 vulnerable young people in 83 state and independent boarding schools throughout the UK. Many of these boarding placements are made in collaboration with other charities and most include a bursary from the boarding school concerned.

Buttle UK has recently collaborated with many local authorities on the investigation of boarding placements. It has co-funded many LA boarding placements including with Calderdale, Dorset and Portsmouth. 

Harry and Oscar's story

Briony is a grandmother caring for her two grandchildren Harry and Oscar aged 14 and 13. She took the boys in after a series of disturbing events involving their mother, who suffers with bi-polar disorder and wasn’t able to look after them.

Both young boys have suffered neglect and have been put at risk due to their mother’s chaotic behaviour. Now in her seventies, Briony was fearful of her abilities to care properly for the boys and knew that, as they grow, their needs will also.

After seeking advice, Briony found a local boarding school that understood the boys would need additional pastoral care in order to help them begin to heal and grow after such a difficult start in life.

Buttle UK was able to help Harry and Oscar by funding part of their boarding school fees, to allow them to learn and grow in a nourishing environment and stay with their grandmother at the weekend. Both boys are reportedly doing well and thriving in an environment where they can meet other children and enjoy growing up.

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