Loves boarding school after a young life of violence

Carly and her sister were adopted in 2006 when they were aged 5 and 2½ respectively. Their adoptive parents had been unable to conceive through IVF. However, one month later, their natural son was born. Their birth mother is a drug and alcohol addict. Additionally they witnessed domestic abuse and were neglected. The adoptive parents caresvery deeply about the girls. They have sought help at every stage and tried to implement all the advice and strategies they received, but to no avail.

Carly is being increasingly violent towards her adoptive mother and refuses to be disciplined. Her sister tries to protect her mother. Both Carly and her sister steal. The police have been called to the house on several occasions to deal with the violence. Their brothers (naturally born to their adoptive parents) are fearful of them.

Boarding would keep the keep Carly and her sister safe. It would also be respite for their brothers from the girl's behaviour towards their mother.

Carly had started to associate with much older boys on the estate where they live. She will not come home before 1Opm and rejects all attempts to discipline her and ignores family boundaries. She responds very well in group situations and loves to spend time with her friends. She can be friendly, polite, happy, friendly and is very academic.

It has taken Carly just two terms to say (repeatedly) how much she loves boarding school.