Working hard to manage his behaviour

Mother passed away recently and Barry lives with his aunt. Six of his 7 siblings live with the aunt whilst the other one has lived nearby since their mother's death. Their father is  violent and has been imprisoned for assaulting one of the children. They have not seen or heard from him for the past 7 years. All the children have often stayed at the aunt's. They treated it as their second home throughout their childhood. The aunt is being assessed to become a foster carer to Barry and his underage siblings.

They live in a local authority owned 3 bedroomed semi-detached house. The house is very cluttered, unclean and untidy. Mountains of washing adorn the hallway and stairs. Home life is very chaotic.

Home life is very chaotic but Barry was a child on the edge of care until his aunt stepped in. 

Generally he has settled in well to boarding life. There have been moments of erratic and unpredictable behaviour, but now he is commended for his efforts in and out of the classroom. His attitude to his studies has improved and he now plays rugby for 2nd XV. He loves taking his tutor’s dog for a walk around the grounds.