Making an impact on the rugby field

Reggie and his older brother and younger sister, were removed from their parents' care and placed in foster care in 201O due to neglect, emotional abuse, and physical abuse. R witnessed a number of incidents of domestic violence whilst in his parents' care. 

He returned to his mother's care later in 2010; however, the issues continued, and Reggie and his siblings were again placed in foster care early 2011. R moved to live with his current carers in 2011, and he was made subject to a Full Care Order in November 2011. 

Reggie settled well into his placement, and wished to remain there; therefore, this was made permanent. He has a good relationship with his foster carers, as well as his foster sister. Owing to his difficult past, he has had difficulties forming secure attachments to his carers; however, he has been observed showing elements of having a secure attachment with them. He enjoys spending time with them, and will play sports with them and do other activities.

A bursary was offered by the school at year 7 entry and this, together with the contribution that the local authority was able to make left a funding gap which was covered by  a charity.

Reggie was placed in boarding school in September 2015 in year 7. He has settled in very well and the school has reported that they are hugely impressed with the manner in which he has conducted himself in all areas of the school and have found him great company in the house. He is a talented sportsman and he has made an impact on the rugby field in particular.