It’s not like Harry Potter at all

“I am 12 years old.  I live in Surrey and go to King Edward’s School Witley. Normally I wouldn’t be able to go to a private school but I have been awarded funding to help with the fees from the School as well as from Charities, including the RNCF,  Buttle  UK and Reedham Children’s Trust as well as  Surrey LEA.

“Unfortunately my Dad died when I was little and Mum has found it very difficult to look after me, my brothers and my sister.  My Mum also has a number of physical and mental health problems including severe depression which causes her to be easily worried and anxious. She gets a lot of support from Surrey County Council for herself and especially for my brothers and sister who also have difficulties.When I was at Primary School we were told about KES and after the entrance examination and all the work finding the money to pay for me I started there in September 2009. So, now that you have an idea of who I am I will tell you about what I do at school.  At the moment I am in Year 8 and in Copeland House which is the Junior Girls House.

“I wake up at 6:45 every morning except Sunday when we can sleep till 8:30. I know it sounds early but now I usually wake up before then anyway!  We have 30 minutes to get dressed, brush our hair, brush our teeth, tidy our room, make our bed and see to anything else we need to do. I know sounds like a bit of a rush but I usually get down early and read a book before we go over to the Dining Hall for breakfast.   After that, we go back to our House and can hang out with our friends or get some prep done. We then have Roll Call to make sure that everybody has arrived for Registration and is present to be given the House Notices. We than have our first 3 lessons. After Break there are another 2 lessons before we have lunch. 

“In the afternoon, we have more 3 lessons before Activities which last until ....   pm. We have a wide range of Activities that we can do ranging from hockey to philosophy.  I like chess, reading, drama, playing hockey, netball and swimming and I am in several sports teams. After Activities we go upstairs to change into our own clothes before having tea. We then have an hour and a half to do Prep.   After Prep we can have some free time before we go to bed.  As you can see, you can never really be that bored.  I am a Boarder at my school but we do have Day Pupils as well but they go home after Prep.

“When you think of boarding schools many people think of horrible teachers that you can never get away from or disgusting school dinners.  My school is not like that. The food is actually quite nice and the teachers are really nice except for when they send us up to bed!  And, in case you are wondering, there are no trap doors or secret entrances that I’ve found so far – and I have looked!  It is not like Harry Potter’s school at all which I ‘m quite pleased about really.  So now you have heard about a day in my life.  A teenager with sprouting spots. A girl who loves her chocolate. And a girl who is grateful she has been given a chance to study and grow up at a nice boarding school.”