I probably would have been taken into care

“I am in form 1 at Lord Wandsworth College in Hampshire and I got to be a boarder at the school through the efforts and support of my sister Charlotte and my Uncle Tom  and some educational charities. 

“From the time i was born i never knew my father. My mother had been married twice before meeting my father but sadly he wants nothing to do with me.  my mum struggled to support us because she kept moving jobs which meant we had to keep moving home as well.

“In 2005, my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer and she died in 2009 when the cancer also spread to her liver. this meant I had to move again and move school to live with my sister who had 3 children of her own. All of us and my sisters partner lived in a small home near Nottingham. this was very difficult for us because my sister had another person to look after. I missed my mother terribly and this affected me because i became very frustrated. I suppose I was seen as a nuisance but I like to think that all young teenagers are a bit of a nuisance! 

“My uncle had once been a pupil at Lord Wandsowth College and he suggested to my sister as my guardian that she apply for a bursary place. I was lucky enough to be given a place and started boarding at the school in September of this year.

It has taken me a little while to get used to being a full time boarder. the early morning wake up call is not easy and i am still getting used to the eating manners of some of the boys. But I have made some good friends and I play hockey. It was also great when I broke my wrist in the drama lesson a few weeks ago because everyone in the house was so nice to me.

“I love my teachers and all my lessons. My favourite subject is  French! I want to thank Lord Wandsworth College, Buttle and the RNCF for giving me an opportunity to continue with my education. Without your support, I would probably have been taken into care and I do not know what would have become of my life.”