I told Mum I wanted to go anywhere to school but here

“Before my admission to King Edward School Witley I went to Raglan Junior School in North London. I live on the 7th floor in a block of flats just with my Mum.  Many of the children in the flats mess around in the lift and vandalise it, so we always take the stairs. 

“In the morning, we often saw school children in the stairwells wearing their school uniforms and drinking alcohol and smoking. On our estate, there are many antisocial problems such as vandalism of public and private property and gang fights in the middle of the night. The police frequently get called out to break up fights. I was always frightened so my mother decided to work on a part-time basis and I was lucky to have her take me to school and collect me. At school, it didn’t get better because I was bullied.

“There were pupils who did not want to learn and they caused lots of problems.  If, like me, you did not behave like them, you were bullied.  I was always picked on because I am smaller than average and wanted to do the right thing. I was very very unhappy and it made me feel pessimistic about my future.  When I was in year six my mum asked me a big question.  Unfortunately it was not if I wanted a pet hamster or a bike. It was which secondary school I wanted to go to when I left Raglan School. I thought deeply for a while then finally said ‘anywhere but here’. We did some research about schools in England and quickly fell in love with King Edward's School Witley.

“On my mother's pay, I knew it would not be possible for her to pay but  thanks to the educational charities, it became possible for me to attend a boarding school in peaceful Surrey. At King Edward’s we have teachers who are willing to help, and encourage you to do your best.

“We have lots of activities to occupy and develop our young minds. We have chapel three times a week but we don't just sing hymns and read from the bible we have presentations by teachers and guest speakers. The best chapel we had was when we had eight teachers ,including the Headmaster, dancing in front of us to the cha cha slide. Then they got the whole school dancing to the song in chapel!   My friends at school are so talented and their talents always come in handy every day. I don’t know what the world would had made of me if I didn’t go to King Edward’s.

“Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity of going to King Edward School and meeting such amazing people and making my dream come true.  I hope that you can help other children like me. “