Everyone becomes friends and more independent

“I attend the Royal Alexandra and Albert School. I never thought I would ever say that a school could be so suited to me but it is. With their brilliant teachers and pupils who are always willing to help and talk to you, great grades and wide range of extra-curricular activities, this school is perfect. I particulary like and get involved with the art and music departments. I am a key member in both.

“Several years ago was the time which caused me to be at boarding school now. As a result of a housing related problem, after a lot of searching me and my mum eventually were able to rent a small, one-bedroomed flat. This meant that there was no room for us, which isn't an appropriate learning enviroment.
“At first when my mum mentioned the idea of a boarding school, I was a bit sceptical. It was all so different and new to me. I just had an image of Hogwarts in my head. I knew that there wouldn't be magic, but I expected full robes and mixed, formal old-English common rooms. Then I visited this school and was shown around by a girl one school year older than me. The school made a great impression on me, and all of the pupils were happily chatting. My tour guide also came across really friendly, and we are still friends today.
“I think that because of the boarding enviroment at school everyone becomes closer to each other in friendship and much more independent; this is a really good thing. Thank you for all your support!”