I never thought I would say I love my school, my second home

“I was bullied at my day school and my Mother couldn’t cope with me and my two brothers in our little flat. It was damp and horrible and there were always fights on the estate. I’ve never met my Dad  who walked out on us when my older brother was born. We don’t know if he is dead.

“Well I’ve been at my new school since the beginning of last year…well ‘new’ is maybe the wrong word since this is my second year here! I shocked others along with myself about how quickly I settled in, with the different teachers and academic work regime particularly Saturday school and the long hours stand out in my mind as a shock to the system!

“I remember feeling as if it were lunchtime by morning break and then so tired by lunch I would feel ready for bed! Nevertheless I took to my new school like a fish to water and within my first week I had already secured a role in the forth coming school production: Alice in Wonderland, become a member of the school choir run by our extremely lively head of music and felt completely involved with all aspects of school life.

“The new adventure of boarding would not be the same without my supportive Head of House who is here with me today and her sidekick ‘Matron’. Matron is like mum to everyone in the boarding house…even the dogs! She puts us to bed and comes in every morning saying, ‘morning darlings, how are we all today?’…and even though there are 7 houses, each with their own ‘matron’ I’m still in no doubt that ours in the best!

“I have made some amazing, truly supportive friends since arriving who will remain my friends for the rest of my life. Many of them live abroad in Germany including my room mate who is slowly teaching me to speak German (with difficulty)! I flew back with one of my German friends to her home town of Bielefeld over a half term. 

“She had come to study at our school for a few terms to improve her language and experience boarding in England, so at the end of the year everyone was very sad to say goodbye to her…but to my surprise when I arrived back this year after the summer ….so had she! It looked like she had persuaded her parents to let her stay and now she will be staying for sixth form too! 

“I love my school and treasure the time I’ve had here. I miss everybody when I go home for holidays; but it’s true to say, at the start of a new term I return to a second-home.”