A balanced lifestyle after my Mum died

“Some charities have sponsored me for the last 6 years at the Royal Masonic School for Girls. This has benefited me in various ways and I strongly believe that it has made a large difference in my education and I cannot be more thankful. I have had so many opportunities given to me whilst at this school and I feel so privileged to be supported by an amazing charity that gives this chance to young people like me and gives us a head start in life that may not have been available without your help. 

“In early January 2007, just after Christmas, my mother suddenly passed away due to an unknown cause. She was a single parent and we hadn’t been in touch with my father. This left my family in a very difficult situation. During this problematic time, I felt very lost within myself and my life around me was changing very rapidly and at a tender age, I didn’t quite know how to cope with all of the emotions, seeing all of my family so distraught and distressed so suddenly was a lot to take in and hard to view. 

“At this point, I already attended the Royal Masonic School however my grandparents were in no situation to be able to pay for the fees. The Royal National Children’s Foundation kindly stepped in and offered to pay a partial amount of the fees. This benefited me and my family greatly because it provided me with a stable home from home as well as a good education.

“Boarding at the Royal Masonic is a place where I feel like part of a community and where I’m constantly surrounded my people that feel like family to me. Boarding provides a balanced lifestyle, I have the perfect conditions to be able to revise and do my homework, and at the weekends, I can go out with my friends and take a break from studying. Being a boarder has enabled me to create strong friendship bonds with other boarders that I have known since I was very young. They say that friends made at boarding school will often become friends for life, this I couldn’t agree more with. 

“At the moment, I just came into year 11 and taking GCSE’s. I am in the middle of studying, the compulsory, English, maths and science as well as Spanish, performing arts, geography and business studies which I am enjoying a lot. My school has also kindly let me take additional speech and drama lessons which is a great hobby of mine and it has led me on to take external examinations such as LAMDA and the annual Watford festival. I have been given so many opportunities and guidance during my time at the Royal Masonic, boarding and academically, and I am extremely grateful. “