This school has saved my life. I am so lucky to be here

“I am 13 years old and I am a weekly boarder, in my  2nd year at Lord Wandsworth College. I was born in London in November 1995,  I have one sister, Ruby, 2 years older, who is also at Lord Wandsworth.

“Just before my 4th birthday my father died unexpectedly and it has been very difficult for my mum bringing us up, All my life I have been very close to my mum and have done my best to help her cope, but after my died she struggled with depression and problems with addiction, sometimes having to spend time in hospital, But she is a really great mum and has always wanted the best for us, especially a really good education, So, when we heard about lord Wandsworth we knew immediately that it was the right place . when we went to the open day before I had been accepted we all fell in love with the school and when I found out that I had got in I was very happy and excited.

“Unfortunately the first term was difficult for me.  I felt lonely and insecure. I was worrying about about my mum back in London who was recovering from a breakdown and I missed my primary school and my old friends. I also suffer from dyspraxia and I was worried it was holding me back.

“I started not wanting to go back after each weekend at home.  The school could see I was unhappy.  They were very understanding and let me take time off.  It was the best decision they ever made.  After about 9 weeks, Mr Matthews, head of Junior House came all the way to London during the half term break for a meeting with my educational welfare officer, where he explained that going to a tough London comprehensive was the worst thing I could do and would make me more unhappy.  The thing is they gave me time to make my own mind up and were very supportive to me and my mum.

“When I eventually returned to school the whole of junior house turned out to welcome me back and I realised I had made I had made the right decision. It was a turning point in my life and everything has been better since. I love playing rugby, I have school friends and I enjoy being in the countryside. I am getting help with my dyspraxia and have been given my own laptop, the school have also arranged free extra private tuition in maths and hand writing.

“Basically this school has saved my life and it has made my mums life easier too.  The school has given me a future.  I realise how lucky I am to be here.“