Strong pastoral support turned her around

Georgie joined the School five years ago aged 11.  Her mother, a single parent, has secondary progressive multiple sclerosis with considerable health and mobility problems associated with this chronic condition.   In 2015 she was diagnosed with another brain condition – on top of the MS – showing some ‘dementia’-type symptoms.   Georgie is the only child, and before she came to KESW was her mother’s main carer.   Mother now has daily support from professional adult carers, but Georgie still likes to cook for her mother when she goes home from school.

Although Georgie’s Junior School reports were positive, they showed she was often late and generally had poor attendance as a consequence of whether her mother was having a good or a bad day – a situation typical of Georgie’s role as a young carer.  Her entrance test and SATS results were not strong, but we offered her a boarding place at KES with the hope that improving and increasing her attendance in the classroom and giving her a suitable environment to do her homework every day, with strong pastoral support to help her overcome difficulties – academically and socially – her results would improve.  This is indeed what we found.   After a year in the school her academic results were totally on a par with her peers, and by the second year in the school she was additionally taking on a leadership role within the House.   

Since joining KESW Georgie has discovered a passion for drama, and has been enjoying LAMDA classes.  In the summer she gained her LAMDA Grade 5 with distinction.  

Georgie is predicted 10 GCSE’s at A*-C, and is preparing to stay on to our Sixth Form next year.