Lyra & Casey's

Diligence and enthusiasm pays off

Lyra & Casey are sisters in Y7 and 8 at KESW.  Lyra joined King Edward’s School Witley aged 11 in September 2015, and Casey joined September 2016.

Just over a year before she joined KESW, Lyra was assaulted by a person known to the family, at a relative’s party.  She was traumatised as a result, and although the perpetrator has been imprisoned, Lyra felt unsafe walking to and from her local school.    The whole episode has also brought back memories of childhood abuse to Lyra’s mother, who is now diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and suffers depression, anxiety and panic attacks.  

Lyra herself has recovered very well with help and counselling from her local Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service.   When looking for a school, her family were directed to KESW as a school that could provide very strong pastoral care, and enable Lyra to continue the counselling if she needed.    Prior to her move to the School, there was a considerable amount of liaison between the medical staff at KESW and her local CAMHS team to make sure the School staff were well informed of the support Lyra might require.

At the end of her first year at KESW, Lyra’s Housemaster reported that she had become much more confident over the course of the year and she agreed that boarding at KESW had been a positive experience for her.  

Over the last year, mother’s mental health has declined, to the point that father is her main carer.  The family live on benefits including disability living allowance for the mother, and carer’s allowance given to the father.

Although Lyra’s younger sister, Casey didn’t witness the attack on her sister, she has been witness to Lyra’s problems since and her mother’s mental health breakdown.  She is also left feeling unsafe in her neighbourhood. As a result, it was decided that Casey should also apply to KESW and she joined the School in September 2016.   

At the end of her first half-term in the school, Casey’s tutor commends her effort and application.  She has received a number of merits and distinction – all testament to her diligence and enthusiasm.