Philip did well at GCSE

Philip lives in Kensington with his mother and sister (“Alexia”, a former pupil).  Philip’s mother has long-standing mental health problems, manifest as anxiety and depression. She has a low threshold in managing stress and struggles to function on a normal day-to-day basis when her anxiety levels rise.    Mother is unemployed living on benefits, and she struggles to make any contribution to fees or extras for her children. The family’s accommodation is particularly problematic to the point that their housing trust is looking to re-house them.

Philip’s older brother also has mental health and other health problems – adding to mother’s stress.   The older brother can have violent outbursts and it was thought to be beneficial for both Philip and his sister to board at KESW from the age of 11 rather than live all the time at home.  Philip did well at GCSE, including A*s in Science, and is expected to gain the IB Diploma in 2017 before moving to university to study Music.

Philip’s sister Alexia, enjoyed a very successful school career, achieving 10 GCSE’s (A* - C) and 37 points in her IB diploma.  She is currently at University studying Classics.   As with many children from this type of home-life, we found Alexia to be mature beyond her years, and she was always very protective of her younger brother Philip, once he joined the School.