Had to grow up quickly

During her years at School she lived with her mother and two younger brothers in an estate near Wormwood Scrubs.  Chloe’s mother is profoundly deaf and has little expressive language, and as she is dyslexic she doesn’t read or write well either.  The older of the two brothers has autism.   

The family are heavily supported by the maternal grandmother, a District Nurse who despite experiencing poor health herself, has put off retiring a few times, to be able to continue supporting the family financially.    Because of the situation at home, Chloe had to grow up very quickly, using sign language to communicate with her mother on talking on her behalf.  

From the outset, Chloe showed a high degree of independence and self-sufficiency at home and at school.   She was a hardworking student who played a significant role in all aspects of school life, especially sport, captaining the girls’ football team.   She had real leadership potential and a bubbly, enthusiastic nature.  

Chloe is now pursuing a degree in Educational Studies at university.