A key members of the House sports teams

Ethan lives with his grandmother and step-grandfather in Fulham, in a small flat with no spare room.  Grandmother works as a cleaner, and her husband works as a decorator and handyman.   It was one of Grandmother’s employers who first introduced the family to the School.

Ethan’s father, Grandmother’s own son, left the family many years ago and is rarely heard from.  Ethan’s mother has a history of alcoholism, erratic behaviour, and unsuitable and violent relationships. A few months before Ethan joined King Edward’s she was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver and was hospitalised for months.  Ethan temporarily moved in with his grandmother and step-grandfather.   During this time it became evident how unhappy Ethan was living with his mother.  A number of external agencies and authorities involved with the family agreed it was unsafe for him to return stay with her, so the move became permanent – even though the size of accommodation is so limited. 

Ethan took some time to settle totally to a boarding life.  Initially he alternated between being actively involved with everything going on in his boarding house and the school, and then showing a lack of enthusiasm for anything in or out of the classroom.   

Two years on and he seems to be more settled, and his tutor reports that “Ethan continues to adjust into boarding life and living in a community, where his actions and behaviour affects others.  Although he occasionally gets it wrong in general he should be congratulated. He helps out when asked and is often the first to volunteer, which is encouraging to see.  He has been one of the key members of the House sports teams, helping the house win the football cup and come second in both hockey and tennis.”