A member of the School choir from the earliest opportunity

Rachel lives in Worthing with her Grandmother, Mrs T.   Rachel was taken into care at hours old because of her mother’s drug addiction & illness, and her father’s mental illness.  A Residence Order for Rachel to live with her Grandparents was put in place when Rachel was aged one.

Rachel’s biological parents both have psychiatric problems and her mother is permanently hospitalised, with little or no expectation of living independently.  Rachel’s father has psychotic episodes which periodically result in him being hospitalised.  Rachel has very little (if any) contact with her parents.

Tragically, Rachel’s Grandfather, Mr T, died suddenly whilst walking home from school with Rachel in 2009.  For a long time Rachel blanked this memory, and didn’t remember it or choose to talk about it.

At the time Rachel was applying to King Edward’s in January 2014, Mrs T had a fall and severely injured both legs and feet.  She was in a wheelchair for many months, and endured a number of operations and painful treatments.  She is only just beginning to get better mobility, two and a half years later, but she feels it was fortunate that for most of this time, Rachel has been a boarding pupil at King Edward’s.

Since joining King Edward’s Rachel has discovered a love for singing, and has been a member of the School choir from the earliest opportunity.  With donations and bursaries from a number of charities she was able to join a recent choir tour, and sang with them in a number of prestigious venues.