Jack has the right approach to academic work

Jack’s father had died of throat cancer a short while before Jack applied to the School. Just at the time he should have moved into KESW, Jack’s mother suffered a stillbirth, so he actually joined a little later in the autumn term.

Jack’s older brother has challenging/aggressive autism which has a profound effect on the family’s activities, and means their mother’s time is taken up caring for the brother.  There have been occasions when the brother has become so violent, the Police have been called to intervene.  Furniture, doors and windows have been smashed. 

Outside of the classroom, Jack is a busy and enthusiastic pupil, representing his house and the School in a wide variety of sports and activities.   He performed particularly well in summer Sport’s Day, winning the Shot Put, and coming second in the 100 Metres and Long Jump which were both hotly contested events. 

Jack has the right approach to academic work in the classroom, but this isn’t always well reflected in his exam results – something he is working on with his teachers and tutors.