He is a talented musician

Michael lives with his mother (single parent) in Hampshire.   Michael is the youngest of four children, the others all having moved on to University or work.

Michael’s mother has a number of significant health problems.  She suffered a back injury some while ago, after falling from a ladder, and has required fusion of the lumbar vertebrae.  She now has “scaffolding” in her back.  She can’t stand or sit for too long or the metal framework digs in.  She can walk, but her left leg gives way, and as a result she has occasionally broken bones in her hands and wrists.

Mother has also been diagnosed with a benign haemangioma brain tumour.  This appears to be stable but is obviously a worry and a concern.   She lives on disability living allowance and other benefits.

Michael’s estranged father is alcoholic and addicted to prescription medication.  In the past he had been violent towards Mother and aggressive towards Michael’s brother.  For some time Michael and his brother were on a Child Protection Plan.  Father now lives away from the area and can only have restricted contact with Michael. 

Mother chose Boarding School for Michael mainly because of the strong pastoral care in and out of the classroom, which she feels is particularly important because of everything he has been through, and she wants him to feel “at home” whilst at school.  He is a talented musician playing the piano and violin, and singing and is frequently on stage in the House or School productions.