Social skills are improving

Charlie’s mother is an alcoholic and lacks any parenting skills. She herself was adopted by these carers and they have in turn adopted Charlie when he was aged 4. They have fostered for past 50 years and still help in emergency situations. Now aged 71 & 79 they are struggling to cope.

The home is situated in a picturesque market town. It is difficult for a young person to socialise without transportation. The bungalow where they live is spacious, clean and tidy. Callum is emotional, energetic and very demanding. His adoptive parents cannot meet his physical and emotional needs.

They need respite and Charlie may integrate well within a boarding environment. He would return to their home for holidays and extra weekends.

Charlie suffers from an attachment disorder, eating disorder, ADHD, dyslexia, low self­ esteem, autistic traits and possible foetal alcohol effect. He is on medication to help control his energy levels. He does behave better when with other children and his social skills are improving, though when at home he frequently displays higher levels of distress.

Charlie’s first term of boarding is very encouraging.