Williams AC/AM

On behalf of the Welsh Government, I am pleased to welcome the launch of Boarding School Partnerships. This new service offers expertise, resources and support for those considering boarding school placements for vulnerable young people.

The service is intended to give commissioning teams in local authorities and other children’s organisations the resources they need to be able to assess the suitability – and availability - of boarding school placements for young people in and on the edge of their care.

This site represents a collaboration of the dedicated charities and boarding schools which, over the past 30 years, have supported more than 3,000 vulnerable children and young people in Wales and throughout the UK.

These “Assisted Boarders” are predominantly young people with one or no active parents who have suffered from seriously adverse home, family or day school circumstances. Many are regarded as being on or close to the edge of local authority care. They are seen to have benefitted from the pastoral care, individual attention, structure and sense of community available at state and independent boarding schools in Wales and across the UK. Many might otherwise eventually have needed to be taken into care.

We know that boarding school would not be appropriate for all children and young people and that is why I welcome this sharing of expertise with the charities and schools which have 24/7 experience of boarding over the long-term.

I commend to you Boarding School Partnerships and, on your behalf, thank the volunteer team under Colin Morrison, former chair of the Royal National Children’s Foundation, which has built this new service for our professionals in children and young people’s services.

Kirsty Williams AC/AM

Ysgrifennydd y Cabinet dros Addysg Cabinet Secretary for Education