Lord Adonis,
Ambassador of BSP

I was funded at boarding school by a local authority. It transformed my life.

The whole cause of giving vulnerable and disadvantaged young people the opportunity to attend boarding school is close to my heart.

I myself was funded by a local authority to attend boarding school. I owe more than I can possibly say , or ever repay, to that school and to those who supported me while I was there. It transformed my life and I recognise from personal experience the eloquent testimonials I have heard as other former boarders, funded by charities and local authorities, have described the difference that it has made to their lives too.

The pastoral care and education provided by state maintained and independent boarding schools is better than ever and I believe it has significant further potential to help many more children in need, especially those ‘close to the edge’ of local authority care.

I commend Boarding School Partnerships to local authorities throughout the UK. This new service will give your commissioning teams access to the expertise and support of the organisations and people who know so much about how boarding schools can transform the lives of vulnerable children and young people.

Lord (Andrew) Adonis attended Kingham Hill independent boarding school in Oxfordshire, funded by Camden Council. He is a former Schools Minister and financial journalist, and is now chairman of the National Infrastructure Commission.