Royal National
Children’s Foundation

The Royal National Children’s Foundation (RNCF)*** is a charity which was founded in 1827 as an orphanage for fatherless children.

Today, we help children and young people facing abuse, neglect or trauma, by enabling them to attend state and independent boarding schools.

The RNCF also funds counselling, educational school trips and holidays for these vulnerable children, many of whom have never had a holiday in their life.

RNCF is now supporting nearly 400 of the UK’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people, by enabling them to attend state and independent boarding schools.

Transformation happens when a child is removed from a vulnerable or stressful environment, and given the opportunity to receive pastoral care and individual attention in the safe and structured environment of a boarding school. 94% of the children supported by the RNCF successfully complete their education and go on to lead typical lives.

The RNCF also contributes towards the cost of counselling, essential school equipment and uniform when needed. Every year, we also offer many needy children an outward bound holiday in the UK – and for many this is the first holiday they have ever had.

Typically, a child needing our help is aged between 7 and 13 and is vulnerable because they are suffering from  seriously adverse circumstances in their home, family or community environment. They will usually have one or no active parents. Our support can last up to 11 years, until they complete their secondary education.

We meet each and every child to understand their individual needs and circumstances. We continually monitor their progress through school until they leave. This is an amazing journey, not only for the child, but also for the family, who thrive too, as they see their son or daughter blossom and mature with confidence.

We have been collaborating in boarding placements with local authorities for the past five years including through our Assisted Boarding Network conferences. We are currently supporting almost 400 vulnerable young people at some 150 state maintained and independent boarding schools throughout the UK.


On July 1, 2017, the Royal National Children's Foundation merged with The SpringBoard Bursary Foundation to create a single charity, the Royal National Children's SpringBoard Foundation. The enlarged charity currently supports almost 700 vulnerable young people at boarding school. It intends to expand this to at least 1,000 'assisted boarders' during the next 3-5 years. The Patron of the new, combined charity is HRH The Princess Royal. The Chief Executive is Ian Davenport, a former boarding school head, who has been leading SpringBoard since its launch in 2012. See also SpringBoard Bursary Foundation.


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